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Why we Stand Out

Your time is best spent running your business, not websites. That’s why we’re here.

ObsessiveWP works with small business owners who are fed up with their current website and want things finally done correctly.

You’ve found the right place.

Reason one

We follow an enterprise backup protocol, dubbed the “3-2-1 Rule”. Three backups, in at least 2 different formats, with at least 1 being offsite. Ever lost files and been unable to recover them? We haven’t.

Reason two

We don’t earn referrals or commissions on the services we offer to you.  Many WordPress managers place all of their clients in one service bucket to make the most money, regardless of their client’s actual needs. Everything at ObsessiveWP is setup personally for you and you alone.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

Shared hosting sucks. Would you want to share your office or retail space with 2,000 other companies? Then why place your website on overcrowded servers? Here, every website gets their own dedicated slice of the internet. We have servers all around the world and can host your website close to your customers giving you the fastest speed possible.

Reason Four

Small businesses are our specialty. We ourselves are a small business and fully understand the challenges you have to face in the digital world. We work hard to build your trust and truly want to go far above and beyond your expectations. When two small businesses combine their efforts, they can create something mighty indeed.

Our Work

We offer WordPress hosting, optimization, and maintenance plans for businesses of any size. In addition, we design websites for small businesses looking to get off the ground and revamp their online presence.

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“You guys are so great at what you do. I definitely will recommend your awesome services to everyone.”
Jane Smith | Director, Big Company

“Dude, your services are awesome. With your help my business is now on the right track. Thank you! I am now your customer for life. ”
John | CEO, D Company