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Here’s the answers to the most common questions we receive. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific comments and conundrums!
Who are you?
ObsessiveWP is a small WordPress maintenance, design, and hosting company located in Florida that serves small businesses around the world. We love WordPress and use its power to create and support websites for our wonderful clients. Let us obsess over your website so you don’t have to!
What makes you different?

Simply, we bring the tools and tech to small businesses that were previously reserved for the enterprise. We think that small businesses should be able to receive the same technological advantages as enormous companies with massive budgets. Benefit from having your own dedicated hosting hardware close to your clients. Relax with three different kinds of backups taken every single day. Communicate with a fully managed email system. Good luck finding someone that can do all that without charging thousands of dollars a month.

We also drink way more coffee and tea than the average Joe.

What exactly do you do?
ObsessiveWP focuses on 3 things: Maintenance, Hosting, and Design.

Our bread and butter is WordPress maintenance. We know a great deal about keeping WordPress stable, secure, and speedy. Your website will be monitored by human eyes and automatic tools 24/7/365.

If you host with us, expect your website to load faster than it ever has before! A fast website means less frustration for your customers and more potential sales.

Lastly, if you need a new site, let’s work together to design something beautiful. All sites we design come with 1 year of basic hosting on us, so you can immediately benefit from a well-coded website on a crazy fast server.

How much do I have to pay to get started?
Our most basic hosting plan starts at $35/month, while our basic management plan starts at $55/month and you are free to upgrade to a more complete package at any time.
What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept any major credit card from around the world through our secure payment partner, Stripe. We also accept ACH payments for some clients.

Why does it say that my payment is "on hold"?
You won’t be charged for our services until we actually start helping you. We will need to install a WordPress plugin on your website so it can be connected with all of our management tools. Your order will be “on hold” until we can properly connect your website. Your order status will then change to “processing” as we get to work and finally “completed” once we are able to start helping you!
Do I have to make an account?

We will make one for you once we start working together. This will allow for you to see your monthly statement, change your services, view analytical data about your site, send support tickets, etc through our awesome Client Portal!

How do I contact you if I have a question?

If you have pre-sales or general questions, feel free to reach out on our Contact Us page or directly at [email protected] .

Existing customers can log into your account and visit your Client Portal page to choose the specific plan/purchase that you need assistance with. You can also send an email to [email protected] if you cannot log into your account. Existing customers also have access to a Knowledge Base where you can get answers to the most common technical questions you may have, such as how to access email, how to change your password, etc.

Why do you need my WordPress username and password?
In order for us to monitor and secure your website, we need to install our custom plugin. This plugin must be configured by an Administrator on your website. We also need to log in to tweak your WordPress settings to give you the fastest website possible. Once we install our tools, we delete all records of your password and you are free to change any passwords on any accounts as you wish.
Why do I need a maintenance plan?
Dynamic websites, such as the ones powered by WordPress, will quickly succumb to hackers if left alone. There are over 10,000 vulnerabilities in the WordPress core, plugins, and themes, with more added all the time. If you don’t maintain your WordPress website, be ready to kiss it goodbye.
What do you do if I buy a maintenance plan?
We take care of the technical aspects of your website so you don’t have to. Backups are kept in triplicate every single day. Your website will be constantly updated and patched against the latest security vulnerabilities. We will speed up your site like never before and harden it against brute force attacks. In short, our Maintenance plans make sure that you can rely on your website to draw in customers and continue to be an asset to your business.
Do you install anything on my website?
Yes, in order to be able to access your website and keep everything maintained, we need to install various plugins. We use premium (as in, paid) versions of very specific plugins in order to keep your site secure, backed up, and so we can maintain access to the administrative “back end” of your site if we need to fix something manually. However, don’t worry about accidentally messing something up, as we purposely hide these plugins from view on your “back end” account. This way you can be confident in the fact that everything is running without having to worry about breaking your site.
Do you monitor my website externally?
Of course we do! In addition to doing what we can from the “inside” of your WordPress website, we also use tools that verify that your website is functioning from the “outside” world. This includes uptime monitoring every 5 minutes, security audits from respected providers, and daily speed tests to make sure that everything is running smoothly. If we notice a problem, our automated tools or our skilled hands get to work solving it ASAP.
What do I do if there is a problem?

If there is a technical issue that arises with your website, chances are we have already been alerted by our automated tools, but you are always encouraged to contact us through your account. Please log into your Client Portal. From there, you can click on the exact service that you need help with to create a support ticket. If you cannot log into your account, you can also reach us at [email protected] .


Do you offer any guarantees on your plans?
Due to the nature of the web, we can never guarantee 100% that your website will never get hacked or that your hosting server will never go down. There are potentially vulnerabilities in your site that haven’t become public knowledge yet and are exploited before they can be patched.

ObsessiveWP goes above and beyond by using enterprise-style architecture and maintenance systems to keep your website running as smoothly as can be. That’s why we take 3 different backups of your website a day (each backup being in a different format in case one restore system goes haywire). That’s why we run security software on both your website’s own “back end” and scan it remotely for known vulnerabilities. That’s why we have our own suite of servers constantly monitoring your website and can intervene to solve common issues at a moment’s notice before asking for human help. To say we are obsessive is an understatement and we won’t rest unless your site is running perfectly.

Does your Maintenance plan cover WordPress Multisite?
If you are running a WordPress Multisite network, then you will need to purchase a Maintenance plan for each site individually. Purchasing a Maintenance plan for the root domain will not cover each individual site in the network.
How do I know what you are doing to protect me?
Depending on your specific plan, you will either receive a monthly or weekly report of all the actions we took on your website. Absolutely everything that we do on your behalf is logged and you will be able to see every WordPress update, plugin modification, backup taken, etc.

In the near future, customers on our Premium Management plan can get a daily report of hacking threats blocked, spam comments captured, as well as everything else in the lower management tiers.

Do you offer WordPress hosting too?
Yes! We absolutely offer WordPress hosting along side our maintenance plans and fully recommend it! There is an enormous amount of things that make our hosting stand apart from your average bottom-of-the-barrel shared host.
Ok, what makes your WordPress hosting so special?

There are so many things that set our hosting apart from the rest:

Explanation for non-techies-

  • Every one of our clients has their own virtual private server. No shared hosting, ever! Don’t let your website get taken offline because of the bad actions of someone else’s site on the same server.
  • We work with over 15 different hosting companies to make sure that your site is being served by the absolutely best provider for your exact scenario and target market. Other hosts dump all of their clients onto one server in one location, while we run individual virtual private servers for every individual client in whatever location around the world best suits them.
  • Our servers are purpose tuned to host WordPress websites and nothing else. That means that they are incredibly fast and perfect for your website!
  • The servers are locked down tight, only exposing the parts to the outside world that are absolutely necessary to run your site.
  • If selling products/services through Woocommerce, rest assured that your customer’s data is always kept safe and secure both in transit and on the server itself.
  • Your email is kept on a completely different server so it doesn’t interfere with your website.

For those techie people in the audience-

  • Each VPS has its own dedicated IP address (unless we use a WordPress SaaS company that provides the IP address of a front-end load balancer). No single “bad apple” can take your site down. Each IP address is checked against global blacklists and honeypot lists to make sure that it is clean.
  • We don’t own and manage our own data center because we don’t want to lump all of our clients into one basket. Instead, we work with a crazy amount of VPS providers and then build the perfect VPS for you on top of their network. These providers include:
    • DigitalOcean
    • Vultr
    • Linode
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
    • RamNode
    • Hivelocity
    • KnownHost
    • RoseHosting
    • OVH
    • Online.net/Scaleway
    • We also work with WordPress SaaS companies like WPEngine, Pressable, Flywheel, Pantheon, Pressidium, Kinsta, and others.
  • All of our VPSs have 100% SSDs (or at the very least an SSD cache) and at least a 1Gbps connection to the internet (with the exception of Scaleway).
  • The software powering your site is tuned for speed. Every client’s server is tuned for their specific needs, but software like NGINX, Memcached, Varnish, Redis, and PHP 7 typically come standard. This is literally the fastest software/RAM caching around and it is standard for our clients.
  • Your hosting plan includes use of our worldwide CDN, powered by BunnyCDN, KeyCDN and/or Fastly (depending on need). That means not only is your website hosted on a server physically close to your target audience, but it remains lightening fast when anyone around the world accesses it. The extra cost of this CDN, which you would pay for separately at other hosts, is included in your hosting plan with us.
  • If you have a manged email account with us, then your email is hosted on a pair of custom servers specifically tuned for email and nothing else. Your outbound email gets routed through Mailchannels for supreme deliverability.
What is so wrong with shared hosting? I am used to paying only about $5/month or less to host my website, so why do you cost so much more?
Shared hosting sucks. Period. If your website is the lifeblood of your business, then you absolutely cannot rely on a cheap shared host to run your website.

In a shared hosting environment, it is routine to keep 5,000+ customers on a single server. Just imagine that for a second. Your website is sitting on a server with thousands of others. Resources are stretched beyond thin and there is no room for growth. Having a popular website is actually a detriment to a shared host because that means that you are using ever so much more resources compared to the other 4,999 websites and will get punished for your success by having your hosting account disconnected. How much time and attention do you think that a shared web host provides to your specific site? They simply don’t care because you are one person in a sea of data. A shared host wants a server oversold and crammed beyond full of idle websites with little traffic because that is the easiest way to make the most money.

The integrity and reputation of your website depends on its neighbors. The last thing that you want is for your site to become blocked, the target of an attack, hacked, or taken offline because of one or two “bad sites” hosted on the same server as your site. Can your business afford to have your website taken offline because of the bad actions of others?

The vast majority of the shared hosting companies that you have probably heard of (or use) are actually one large company, EIG. So switching from one shared host to another doesn’t matter because you cannot avoid the underlying company that owns them all.

Feel free to read more about the downsides of shared hosing at the links below:



Do I get email addresses with my hosting plan?
Depending on your hosting plan or add-ons purchased, yes. Our professionally managed email add-on means that you can have as many [email protected] emails as you wish! Gone are the days of using Gmail, Hotmail, or other free email services as your business address. Be much more professional by having your own email addresses on your domain name.

ObsessiveWP runs a pair of professional email servers that process your email completely separately from the server running your website. We do this for many different reasons, including maintaining incredibly high email uptime/availability, increasing deliverability of your email to your customer’s inboxes, increasing the speed by which email can be sent and received, as well as secure your email by physically placing it on a different server than your own.

How would I check my managed email accounts?
You will be given login instructions to our online webmail client, in addition to instructions on how to set up sending and receiving email on any device you already use (such as your phone or Outlook). Our team will guide you in how to set up IMAP/SMTP access to your email accounts on any device you wish. You likely won’t have to change your typical workflow at all.
What is a CDN and how does that affect my website?
A CDN is a Content Delivery Network, and is basically a way to keep multiple copies of your website and files in various servers around the world. That way, global visitors can access a copy of your site that is delivered from a computer that is geographically closer to them than your main server.

So, even though your main server may reside in New York, a CDN provides copies of your website on servers located in Miami, San Francisco, Tokyo, etc. This means that your global viewers don’t have a slower connection to your site just because they live farther from where it is geographically hosted. A visitor browsing your site from Maine will have nearly the same speedy browsing experience as a visitor from Mumbai.

Using ObsessiveWP’s CDN is free with our Premium Maintenance, Advanced Hosting, and Premium Hosting plans.

We don’t skimp on the CDN providers, either. Our CDN network run on the backbone of BunnyCDN, KeyCDN, and Fastly. Try and find another host offering that for free.

How come I don't see things like bandwidth limits, or storage limits, or RAM amounts like I see with other providers?
The simple fact is, we can’t provide a definate answer like that. We work with over 15 different hosting providers and each provider has their own limits on RAM, storage space, CPU cores, bandwidth, etc.

The beauty of going with managed hosting with ObsessiveWP is you don’t have to worry about those resources anymore. We will pick the best provider and server for your exact needs and monitor it 24/7/365 to see if you are outgrowing your plan. If your hosting plan is no longer fitting your needs, we’ll let you know and give you the chance to upgrade.

I'm tech savvy, do I get root access or SSH access to my server?
In general, no. We tune our hosting environment explicitly for WordPress and allowing for SSH/root access can break the hard work that we put into your server. It also opens your server up to a greater likelihood of being hacked.
Do I have a hosting control panel, such as cPanel?

No, not unless you explicitly desire to have cPanel and pay additional to cover the licensing fee.

ObsessiveWP is a fully managed host, so there is no need for you to do anything yourself. A control panel that you can access will be essentially useless because the whole point is that you are trusting us to take care of your site for you.

However, if you must have cPanel for some reason, you are free to purchase it as an add-on, but we still must limit the tools that you’ll have access to. For example, you will still have to contact us to add additional domains/subdomains/MySQL databases/email addresses/etc on your account. You will not be given access to WHM.

How many websites can I host per plan?
The pricing of our WordPress Hosting plans cover one WordPress website. You can add additional websites on your same server for an additional $20/site. Any additional sites will share from the same resource pool as your original site. If you want for each of your own websites to be independent and reside on their own severs, then you will need to purchase a separate hosting plan for each site.
What about WordPress Multisite?
ObsessiveWP would love to host your WordPress Multisite network, but please contact us ahead of time so we can work out the best hosting plan for you. We want to make sure that each site in your network has enough resources to grow, and we don’t wish for you to buy a hosting plan that isn’t a good match for your Multisite network. You may require a custom hosting plan created just for you.
How much do you charge to design a website?
It depends. Designing a website is a great deal of work and a very personal experience and everyone’s site is different. The more web pages or premium features that your site needs, then the more it site will cost. Our design services start at $2,000 for a website.

In general, we bill per project and not per hour, unless we are asked to build a very complex website. Payments are divided into 50% due upfront, 75% after initial mockup, and 100% due before the site goes live. For the design projects that are billed per hour, payments will be due monthly.

What kind of websites do you design?
Here at ObsessiveWP we love to work with small businesses and give them an edge against their larger compeditors. If you are a small business, we would love to design a great site for you!
Can I meet with you to go over my website design?

Of course! If you live in the Orlando, Florida area then we would love to meet with you! Just visit our Contact Us page so we can schedule a date and time.

What comes with my newly designed site?
The cost to build your website includes buying premium plugins or services for your site. You will also receive one year of Basic Hosting included with your site. Depending on what is agreed upon prior to designing the site, you may also receive a reduced rate on more advanced web hosting and WordPress Maintenance services.
Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, before designing begins you will need to read and sign a contract detailing the exact scope of work that ObsessiveWP will provide to you, as well as your requirements of when to provide information and payment. It also will detail the amount of changes allowed during the developmental process to limit “scope creep”. You will be able to read and digitially sign the contract wherever you have an internet connection.

What if I want to make some changes to my site after you have finished your design?
If you anticipate making lots of little tweeks and adjustments to your site after it goes live, then we recommend buying a Premium Maintenance plan as it includes 1 hour of developmental time per month for projects like this. Otherwise, small changes will be billed at an hourly rate set forth in your contract for developer time.

Still need help? Drop us a line!

For any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us!