Here at ObsessiveWP, we are confident that you won’t find any other company that will take care of your website as well as we do. In fact, we are so confident, that we openly publish the tools and companies we partner with in order to run your site smoothly.

Why do we do this? Simple! While you can go out yourself and signup with each of these individual companies, do you have time for that? Do you have time to monitor your website 24/7/365 using these tools? We do.

You can look through our FAQ to get a more technical view of our technology stack, but here is an example of the tools we use to make your WordPress site perfect.

By the way, none of the links below are affiliate links. We really, really, really hate affiliate programs here and don’t try to trick you into signing up for services that just benefit us financially.

Hosting Providers
We work with many, many different hosting companies on behalf of our clients. Why? Because one size doesn’t fit all. Some of our largest providers are:

We also work with other hosting companies such as BuyVM, Linode, KnownHost, and many others in order to provide the exact type of server our clients need.

You won’t be boxed in to one provider with us; let ObsessiveWP pick the right hosting provider for you and manage your WordPress infrastructure without you lifting a finger or wondering what the differences are between Apache and NGINX.

Backup Tools
One thing that makes us stand apart from the rest is that even our Basic Maintenance plan includes backups in triplicate, following the industry standard 3-2-1 Backup Rule. Some tools we use include:

We are dead set at ObsessiveWP with a goal to never, ever, lose any data for our clients. Our lowest level of WordPress Maintenance packages still includes 3 different backups per day. Yes, we pay 3x the cost of other providers to backup your data, many of whom only take one snapshot a week. Do you need backups every hour of every day? Do you run a large Woocommerce site and need real-time backups? We can do that too! Get in touch.

WordPress Tools
These are some of the tools that we use to help generate beautiful reports for our clients and record all of the updates, backups, traffic, SEO results, downtime, etc for each individual website.

These tools allow us to show all of the hard work we put into your site each and every day.

Server and Monitoring Tools
In order to keep digital eyes on our client’s sites, we use these tools:

  • Uptime Robot – Website monitoring
  • Nixstats – Server health, server monitoring, website monitoring, log collection, status pages, and much more.
  • Slack – Notifications


If you’d like to learn more about how we mix all of these companies in just the right amount in order to make your WordPress website incredible, then send us an email and check out our prices.

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