At Cost Online Learning

We want to help  small schools continue to teach while student are stuck at home

Let’s take learning online

ObsessiveWP wants to help.

We will be providing at cost setup and hosting of an LMS and online conferencing software for small schools that have no other resources during this time. “At cost” means we make no profit from doing this.


What’s Included

  • WordPress installed with Sensei or LearnPress for LMS access
  • Access to a BigBlueButton server for unlimited live streaming in a classroom-like setting
  • Help to import lists of students and faculty to the LMS
  • Links to 3rd party resources on how to set up classes and write lessons


What’s On You

  • Any custom development/design
  • Downloading and storage of BigBlueButton recordings
  • Communication (such as email blasts)
  • Running your online school day-to-day
  • Once COVID-19 is no longer a threat in your area and you school can resume in-person classes, we may close down the LMS and BigBlueButton server


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Our Work

We offer WordPress hosting, optimization, and maintenance plans for businesses of any size. In addition, we design websites for small businesses looking to get off the ground and revamp their online presence.

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