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The website hosting landscape is dominated by cheap shared hosting that crams thousands of people on one server, simply to make a profit. If you want your website to be a success, it has got to be available no matter how much traffic goes to it. That’s why we at ObsessiveWP never use shared hosting. All of our clients are hosted on Virtual Private Servers (VPS’s), Cloud Hosted Servers, or Dedicated Servers. There’s no noisy neighbors and no sharing of resources. Your website, and visitors, will thank you.

We partner with every big name host out there (Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode, RamNode, WPEngine, Flywheel, AWS, Google Compute Engine, Cloudways, Knownhost, InMotion, Pressidium and many more) to give your website the best home possible for your specific business. We don’t throw all of our clients on one server. ObsessiveWP works with you to determine the best host for your specific website, then we setup the server and keep everything running smoothly. From a worldwide content delivery network (CDN), to Varnish caching, to minute-by-minute monitoring, no one else goes to our level of detail in hosting your site.

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Our Services

Here is a sampling of our services

We cover all of your WordPress needs. Here is just an example of all that we do for you so you don't have to.


None of our clients have ever lost any data. We backup our servers, your website, and all databases three times every day and retain them for at least a month. Good luck finding someone else that will do that.


Having a stable website means hosting on a stable server. We will happily migrate your website to a better home with us.


Access to your email is critical. What happens if it goes down? Let us manage your email and separate it from your website's server so website downtime never takes your email offline.


WordPress gets hacked. A lot. Don't let it be you. Have us keep your website updated and patched every single day of the week.

Virus Removal

If your site is already hacked, let us clean it up for you and move you to our secure hosting platform. Then, stay with us for 24/7 virus monitoring and prevention.


The level of dedication we put into our servers is absolutely obsessive. Host your website close to your target audience and on equipment tuned for WordPress with plenty of room to grow. No shared hosting, ever.


Your website is automatically checked every 60 seconds to make sure it's up and running. Our servers are monitored every 2 minutes to make sure that everything is going smoothly.


Let's give your website a face lift. We love to work with small businesses and help grow their profits by having an awesome site.